Apple rumorology is nothing without, “What if?” Although it is tempting to dismiss such unicorn tear powered dreamscapes out of hand, Apple has a habit of surprising and delighting, which is the foundation of the question — Is the long-rumored iWatch not a smartwatch at all but rather a television?

First of all, remember that for all of the rumors, leaks and invented fantasies that came out before hand, no one came close to fully imagining the iMac, iPod, iPhone or iPad and just how simple, different and insanely great those products are. Or put another way, change is most stunning when it is reduced so succinctly.

Forget the plastics or whatever temporal materials they were using, strip Apple’s products to their core and you get the genius: the iMac encapsulated, in a veneer of style, and simplified the PC; the iPod’s physical and software interfaces; and, lest I blather on…

Investor and tech watcher Jonny Haskins on his Pixel Lounge blog has published The iWatch Is a TV by Apple — Revolution & Revelation, a piece that’s equal measures informed intuition and wishful thinking.

“And I don’t just mean silly biometric readers on its phone and clever triangulated motherboards for desktops,” writes Haskins. “It can turn things around beyond these minor innovations and has the potential for a massive profit gain from this TV – a TV called the iWatch.”

iWatch: The Big Picture?

Whether you read all 5,100 words or just peruse, Haskins’ makes an interesting if not compelling case for why Apple’s next insanely great product won’t be a wrist chronometer.

And, like the rest of us sans privileged inside information, he ultimately defaults to the only wisdom we do have.

“September 10, 2013 will explain all or nothing,” begins his summation. “Apple’s announcements over the past few years have been rather underwhelming. However, I have a feeling that this year’s will be a knockout punch which is about to shock the world…”

Here’s hoping Haskins’ intuition is spot on…

What’s your take?

Via The Next Web