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Just before the Samsung Galaxy S IV launch later today, LG and Apple are taking aim at Samsung’s latest phone

Samsung has been using the number “4” in basically all of their ad campaigns for the Galaxy S IV launch, and pushing their “Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy” advertisements everywhere.  LG has decided to take this opportunity to make fun of the entire ad campaign and literally do something bigger with it.  They have purchased billboard ad space above the Samsung “4” ads in Times Square and put their own new mock campaign together for the LG Optimus G reading “LG Optimus G is here 4 your now!”

Even with LG’s ads literally being bigger and brighter than those from Samsung, it does make you question whether or not LG is actually just worried about trying to keep up with Samsung’s phones and try to compete.

Everything that LG is doing seems like nothing in comparison to the attacks that Apple made against Samsung and Google last night. Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller attacked Google for their “fragmented” Android software as well as directly calling out Samsung as well.  Schiller does have a point, the latest versions of Android have been largely unavailable to most Android phones for close to a year with the Google Nexus phones being the only ones with up-to-date access to new versions of Android.

During an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, Schiller said that the latest reports from Google show that the overwhelming majority of Android users are using older versions of the OS, and that even Samsung’s Galaxy S IV could ship with a year-old operating system. Unlike LG, who decided to just poke fun at Samsung, Apple took things even further by bringing up a true issue with Google, Samsung and Android that needs addressing.  Considering that Samsung is one of Google’s most important strategic partners, it would make sense for them to start rolling out updates to Galaxy phones significantly faster than they currently are.

  1. That’s rich, Apple! Do you mean roll out the updates faster, like you did, so Maps puts my florida home located somewhere in China or the like. I returned your phone due to your inability to provide a phone which works properly!

  2. Google has nothing to do with the delays of updates getting to non-Nexus phones. The fault for that lies directly in the laps of the manufacturer and the service provider that feel it necessary to add their own touches to Android.

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