AT&T reported more than 3.6 million iPhone activations during their most recent fiscal quarter, confirming that Apple has beaten out Nokia to become the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer for the first time.

Apple declared war in 2007  and it has finally become the world’s largest smartphone vendor, beating Nokia for the first time. While Nokia shifted 16.7 million units in its most recent quarter, Apple sold more than 20 million iPhones during the same time period, driving ahead of its Finnish competitor.

Despite the legal conflict between Apple and Samsung, things may get worse for Nokia. Samsung’s numbers are expected to surpass Nokia smartphone sales within the next fiscal quarter. On the other hand, a recent report claims Apple can sit tight and still market 190 million iPhones in 2016 alone.

  1. Can you please re-write this article making a distinction between “smart phone” and “feature phone”? Apple and Samsung have been outselling Nokia in SMARTPHONES for a very long time, while Nokia has been outselling Apple in cell phones for quite a long time, which would include smartphones and feature phones. Your article really sucks without that distinction. You also fail to mention anything about the rates of adoption between iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone, which is the race that actually matters. Oh, and then there’s the fact that Microsoft has all but bought and paid for Nokia’s hardware division, so really the article should be about Microsoft and Windows Phone rather than Nokia. But even given all that, I don’t understand how you got Apple surpassing Nokia in smartphones just because AT&T signed up 3.6 million people with iPhones. Was that in the 3rd quarter? Nokia hasn’t even released 3rd quarter results yet, so how can you even make a comparison with those other numbers you throw out? Oh, and your picture doesn’t load. Basically take the words (and picture) from this article and replace them with all new words that make sense. We are all now dumber for having read your crap and may God have mercy on all our souls.

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