Consumers already know why we won’t sign up for Walmart’s CurrentC — we won’t give them our social security number and access to our checking account, hell no! But how can Apple bridge the gap and convince Walmart to sign up for Apple Pay? Two words, “loyalty cards” because that will give them access to our data.

Payment Week — yes, there is a publication called payment week — reports that Apple could begin rolling out loyalty card program support in Apple Pay anytime now.

Rumors began swirling in mid-August of an Apple rewards plan. Initially anticipated for release in October 2015 to possibly coincide with Apple Pay 2.0, 2014’s holiday shopping season may offer the first glimpse of loyalty rewards for Apple Pay users. Recent reports cite increased market demand has pushed forward the program’s roll out date.

Just two weeks after rollout, Apple Pay has earned a reputation for being boring. Seriously, Apple Pay “just works” and consumers are loving it.

However, that customers love Apple Pay isn’t enough for many retailers — they hate credit cards and Visa in particular. While CurrentC has already been hacked and appears to dead even before it gets launched, Apple needs to woe retailers and they will do that with loyalty card program support.

Apple Card Loyalty: A Trojan Horse

Apple Pay doesn’t knows neither your credit info nor your personal data. So, Apple Pay can’t give retailers the customer data they so desperately crave and Apple will never ever in a million years give them access to it.

However, if Apple Pay were to support retailer loyalty card programs, retailers could induce you to give away your valuable shopping and personal data in exchange for a coupon or a free bag hotdog buns.

Really? I always asked the check out person to use the store card if there’s actual benefit and/or discount.

Whatever, Apple Pay loyalty card support is all about skiving your personal info and, give what we know about Apple, opting will be a breeze…

What’s your take?

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