In an interview with a French radio station, product designer Philippe Starck revealed that he has been working alongside Apple to create a product he described as ‘quite revolutionary’.

Starck, who has spent the last thirty years designing lemon squeezers and alarm clocks, told French radio station Anything and Everything that he and Apple have been working on a “big project together” that will be unveiled “in eight months”.

His launch window lines up with many analyst predictions for the release of Apple’s television platform. For instance, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek recently pegged the ‘iPanel’ for a fourth quarter launch, for instance.

Starck refused to provide the radio station with further details on his collaboration with Apple, so it’s unlikely that any further information will surface before the Cupertino based company unveils this ‘revolutionary’ product.

Starck is perhaps best known popularly for his iconic aluminium lemon squeezer design. He has also designed toothbrushes, motorcycles, and an optical mouse for Microsoft.