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Apple TV Streaming Service To Release On 25th March



Apple to offer a subscription service

Apple entered the services market in 2015 after buying Beats and turning its streaming service into Apple Music. Since then, Apple Music has grown rapidly mainly because of the great base already set by Beats and also for Apple having surplus amount of revenue. Spotify, on the other hand even though offers better curation hasn’t been able to expand to all the countries Apple has its reach in.

After successfully penetrating the music industry, Apple is reportedly ready to enter the video streaming business with its own service. It has long been rumored and also reported that, the Cupertino based company has been working on TV shows of its own. During the course, the rumour mill generated that, Apple was planning to buy Netflix, similar to the move it made in the music industry.

Can Apple beat Netflix at its own game?

Netflix is the TV streaming leader

Netflix is the TV streaming leader

Will people actually subscribe to Apple’s video streaming service is the big question? Netflix is the leader of the online paid video streaming service and HBO also enjoys a great spot. Amazon has been struggling but has made great strides since its inception (of) with Prime Video. Hulu is another that gets a notable mention but its not available in many countries around the globe.

It has been reported that, Apple’s original content will be family friendly, meaning it will not contain adult content i.e violence, gore, sex. The company has already hired notable directors like Steven Spielberg for an anthology series named Amazing Stories. However, at the same time, many content creators that had joined the ship have left after reports stating that, Apple was placing many conditions on the type of content to be generated.

No specifics about the pricing of the service has been leaked as of yet. Neither is it known as to which countries the service will available at launch.