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Apple TV Streaming Service To Release Soon



Apple streaming service to release soon

The word has been out for quite long now that, Apple has been working on a TV streaming service to rival the likes of Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video. Last year, the internet was flooded with news articles pertaining to Apple hiring a bunch of video executives and also getting directors like Steven Spielberg on board for creating in-house content.

However, there has been no word as to where exactly Apple will release this content. Some believe that the iPhone maker will place its TV shows inside of the Apple Music app whereas others tend to stick to their belief that the company will release a dedicated video streaming service (app).

Adding to that, Apple CEO Tim Cook may have just confirmed that the company may actually be working on a streaming service when he said that the company will release new “services” this year on CNBC’s Mad Money in an interview with Jim Cramer. However, Cook didn’t reveal any specifics and left space for speculation but if the leaked reports are to be taken into consideration, he’s definitely talking about the TV services.

iTunes on Samsung TV?

iTunes on Samsung TV

iTunes on Samsung TV

Additionally, Samsung at CES unveiled the iTunes app on its Smart TV few days ago. It appears as if Apple is gearing up to finally launch its streaming service by running trials with iTunes. As it does need to start maintaining good relations with its rivals, especially Samsung as they are bitter smartphone rivals. It definitely wouldn’t make sense for Apple to just launch its video app on just iOS, Mac and tvOS.

Apple tried its hand at content creation with Carpool Karaoke on Apple Music but it barely received any traction (attraction?). With Disney and other major companies entering the video streaming business, if Apple wants to take a good piece of the pie, then the streaming service has to be on multiple platforms.