While patent trolls and patent wars have made headlines for years, Apple vs Samsung has come to symbolize the futility of litigation between corporate giants
While patent trolls and patent wars have made headlines for years, Apple vs Samsung has come to symbolize the futility and stupidity patent litigation between giant corporations. Now, believe it or not, Apple and Samsung have announced that they will end all of litigation outside of the US.

Google and Samsung have buried the legal hatchet, announcing cross licensing deals that end most if not all litigation between the two companies. Further, Apple and Google have declared practical if not absolute paten peace, as well.

In a similar vein, Apple and Samsung have agreed to end all litigation outside the United States.

“Calmer heads will prevail, and both sides will realize they achieved something,” said Pierre R. Yanney, patent attorney and partner, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan. “Apple got a victory of sorts and money; Samsung has to pay a lot less than they might have. At some point, both sides will realize that the certainty of a settlement is better than the uncertainty of future legal proceedings.”

Yes, Apple won several sweeping legal victories over Samsung, awarding the iPhone maker roughly $1 billion in damages for a range of patent violations.

The Korean electronics giant, while it hasn’t prevailed in court, has certainly avoided patent armageddon. A billion is serious money, but Samsung will seriously survive the thermonuclear war promised by Steve Jobs.

“It seems like even in the US, the fight between the companies is getting smaller,” said Michael Carrier, professor, Rutgers School of Law. “Both companies are realizing that litigation is not bringing the rewards they thought they would get.”

Apple vs Samsung: The End Game

Yes, Google and Samsung pretty much stole — lock, stock and barrel — the look, feel and functionality of early Android from the early iPhone. However, Samsung and Google grew and created some of their of ideas, which Apple rightly copied.

Actually, it would be nice if Blackberry and/or Microsoft could successfully stole Apple and Google’s smartphone/tablet innovations to create a viable third and/or fourth mobile platform. That would be great.

Not gonna happen? Meh, not gonna hold my breath waiting hoping.

Regardless, while true patent peace still eludes us, Apple vs Samsung seems to be settling into a manageable cold war if not detente…

What’s your take?

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