Apple Watch 2 could be more expensive than the original Apple Watch
Apple Watch 2 could be more expensive than the original Apple Watch

Don’t expect an Apple Watch 2 to be announced anytime soon because the projected release date of the wearable is going to be somewhere in 2017. However, this would give Apple plenty of time to make the smartwatch better than before but better does not always mean cheaper. In fact, because of some major hardware changes that are going to be included in Apple Watch 2, we have to say that the product could end up carrying a bigger starting price tag than the one that came with the original Apple Watch. Now why is that?

Well, rumor has it that Apple is finally done using LCD displays for its mobile devices and this includes the upcoming wearable as well. According to TechRadar, Apple Watch 2 could feature a bigger price tag because it will feature a microLED display instead of an LCD one. Reports coming in suggest that Apple has partnered with industry giants such as Samsung and LG to mass produce OLED panels that will be present in future iPhones and improved iterations of the Apple Watch.

Compared to LCD, OLED has several benefits including being able to show richer colors, even in broad daylight, where you have manually up the brightness level in order to gain back the lost visibility from the display of the smartphone. Another added benefit is that OLED is much more efficient in terms of battery consumption and because of its physical attribute, it can be placed into thinner mobile devices, which will suit Apple’s agenda just fine.

We are hoping that Apple has also made significant changes to watchOS 3, because the only other drawback from an Apple Watch besides its ridiculously high price tag is its small battery timing, and requires wearers to charge in on a daily basis. Hopefully, Apple Watch 2 will possess the necessary changes that will allow users to get out at least 24 hours from the device.

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