Apple’s upcoming wearable smartwatch device, the Apple Watch 3 has had many users online curious on the details of the device and so far it’s all been nothing but rumors circulating the internet. In fact, it is still unconfirmed whether or not the device will be dubbed the Apple Watch Series 3, instead of the Apple Watch 3. However, we hope that this article will help clear out any doubts and build up an image of what the Apple Watch 3 will be like upon release.

When is the Apple Watch 3 release date?

The smartwatch device is a long way from release. However, it is rumored that the Apple Watch 3 will make a launch in the final quarter of 2017, or somewhere around the beginning of 2018. Normally it is obvious when a company will release their next flagship device; by looking at previous launches of previous generations, it is obvious to notice the pattern. However, in the case of Apple’s Watch series, it is a bit of a mystery. This is due to the fact that Apple launched the successor to its Apple Watch after 17 months, rather than the conventional 12 months.

A picture of the Apple Watch 3The massive gap between releases could partly be due to the fact that Apple does not see its Apple Watch series as they would their smartphone flagship. Smartwatches, in general, come at limited functionalities. Therefore it is understandable for Apple to not release a new generation every year. Therefore, the Apple Watch 3 release date is far from what you might expect and might need a little bit more patience.

However, there is a possibility the Apple Watch 3 might launch alongside the iPhone 8 later this year. Rumors indicate that there will be more than one manufacturer of the smartwatch device.

Quanta Computer has been the main producer of the smartwatch device in the past. However, it is believed that the company will be competing with Compal in the manufacturing of the Apple Watch 3. This could mean good news for anticipated fans of the smartwatch as the 2 rivaling companies will want to manufacture the device the fastest.

What will the Apple Watch 3 design look like?

According to leaks, the design of the Apple Watch 3 is going to include a smart band, a titanium and/or platinum casing, a standard looking watch design. The conceptual design as a whole, however, will most likely resemble the Apple Watch 2. Therefore, for a general feel of the device, the Apple Watch 3 is most likely to be a more enhanced looking version of the Apple Watch 2.

In addition, a leaked image of an Apple patent for a smartwatch design suggests that the Apple Watch 3 might include a fabric strap. The strap is set to include functionalities like display of information such as notifications, a pedometer or show the time.

Leaked image of Apple's patent showing a smartwatch device
Leaked image of Apple’s patent showing a smartwatch device

What are the Apple Watch 3 latest features?

Newest features, apart from the display of time are rumored to include the latest watchOS 4 or watchOS 5, a micro-LED display screen, a camera allowing FaceTime use, enhanced wireless charger for ultra quick charging, much more optimized performance with a dual-core chip and enhanced battery life.

An image of the Apple Watch 3 with Heartbeat FeatureThe most exciting feature is the supposed new magnetic wireless charging capability. Another Apple patent being leaked of the wireless charging stand suggests that the Apple Watch 3 might have something similar to what Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch had. A wireless charging magnetic stand that can be used to charge the smartwatch just by attaching the back end of the device onto the magnetic base, allowing the watch to be charging upright. This allows users to use the device as an alarm clock at night whenever the device is in charge.

Leaked image of Apple's Patent on wireless charger
Leaked image of Apple’s Patent on wireless charger

What is the Apple Watch 3 price?

Apple Watch 3 being plugged into a charge The price of the Apple Watch 3 as of yet is unconfirmed as well. However, it is rumored that the smartwatch device will launch at a price of around $400+. This is due to the fact that the first Apple Watch launched at a price of $350, and then with the Apple Watch 2, Apple increased its launch price to $370. Logically, Apple implementing new features as suggested above would mean they would enhance the price with each new feature they implement.

Therefore, the Apple Watch 3 might just be an enhanced version of the Apple Watch 2. However, enthusiasts can expect a much slimmer look, with additional functionalities and even clip-on enhancements released by Apple as bonus products to increase the longevity of the device.

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