Apple Watch supplies-condition before September event
Apple Watch supplies-condition before September event

According to the discovery of 9to5mac, if you browse Apple’s online store, you’ll find a lot of Watch variants labelled as “Sold Out”. The list also includes ones with brightly colored bands which were launched by Cupertino just a few months ago. While on the other hand, a different explanation is that it appears to support rumors that the company is going to reveal its next-gen Watch possibly during its September Event. It is usually seen that Apple slashes a product’s supplies when it’s about to launch a refresh, but it’s not always obviously the happening.

For a while, rumours of a second-gen Watch along with reports of possible features have been on around, for instance, built-in GPS and cellular connection. It could be launched alongside the new iPhone if the appearance of new wearable seen on September 7th.

A pretty comprehensive list of Watch variants marked as Sold Out, but heading over to Apple’s website and clicking around to find that even those marked as “New”, no longer available. One can also see that each category — Sports, Stainless Steel, Hermes, and Edition — has several Sold Out listings. If thinking of an Apple Watch is becoming a sweet dream of your, it must be a wise idea to wait until the event ended. That is the only way to get a second-gen wearable or a discount priced one.

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