Apps Managed

In the modern world people aren’t just perusing the Internet with their phones, they’re also managing their lives.

Along with the smartphone, mobile phone apps have changed the way we live. If you’re a business owner, chances are it’s changed your business too.

As most businesses now have an app, or are looking into investing in one, it’s important to remember they can be just as vulnerable to attacks as websites.

This however can be tackled through managed security services through companies such as Nettitude, helping to keep your app and business, and in turn your customers, safe.

But why should you use them for your app, and what do they do? We explore this a little more below.

Ensure you’re secure

We’ve seen a lot in the news recently about apps being compromised, which had a negative affect for the business and the company in turn.

Recently, UBER, a company known for working solely through an app experienced a data breach that compromised 2.7m UK users. Although the company was mainly attacked on their approach, the size of this attack and leak was substantial.

It was also noted recently how a security flaw in multiple mobile banking apps could have been abused by hackers, which could have seriously jeopardised those banking with each company.

However, with managed security services companies can help ensure that your app and company is secure for all using it. This is due to the layers of security added to help ensure protection from escalating malware attacks.

Much More Efficient

By entrusting your app safety with a company specialising in this area, not only are you guaranteed years of knowledge and experience in the field, but also the elimination of inefficiencies.

This is because it’ll help reduce the number of people dedicated to existing systems. Instead they’ll all be in one place ensuring your company is safe, which is can be done due to the advanced systems on offer.

This will also give you big savings too, which could only be a good thing.

Time to Concentrate

When you use a company specialising in this area it will also free up your time.

This means you won’t have to spend your time worrying about the security of the company’s app as much as you would have before. This is because the task will be given to an expert, meaning that you’ll also have peace of mind when it comes to the safety.

However, you’ll also be able to concentrate your time on the core of you business, meaning you can shape and grow it into an even better business for your customers.

So if your company has, or is thinking of getting an app, it’s important to consider using managed security services to help better you and your customers.

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