April Jace’s iPhone 5S successfully hacked by LAPD
April Jace’s iPhone 5S successfully hacked by LAPD

April Jace was allegedly killed by her husband Michael Jace, an actor in “The Shield”. Earlier this year at the time when FBI was demanding Apple Inc. to unlock iPhone 5C of San Bernardino shooting  suspect Syed Rizwan Farook, the LAPD detectives were able to bypass the security features of the victim’s white iPhone 5S, the victim was reportedly slain.

The law enforcement agencies of the United States have been strongly attempting to trace the security features of digital devices which may involve enough evidence for investigating crimes. Nevertheless, the LAPD has been successful in finding in hiring the services of expertise that could reject the iPhone’s all those functions that are locked.

In her case, the iPhone has been under consideration for this crime. Her husband, who is charged to have carried out her killing, is allegedly involved. In an investigation, it was not found out that what operating system was functioning on the smartphone of the victim, but she was killed prior to Apple’s launch of iOS 8 which emerged with more increased encryption.

According to Digital Trends, the iPhone 5C is an earlier version of 5S and does not have Secure Enclave which is an additional security layer on Apple’s smartphones. The reports are roaming about a search warrant of the case, stated that, an Apple technical expert helped the LAPD to access the information from April’s phone, yet investigators found another trick to bypass the lock of the iPhone 5S.

The Los Angeles Times reported, the Investigators are of the view that that the couple Michael and April exchanged harsh words through text messages before her husband opened fire, while intentions are not known to mention. Michael’s lawyers argued that the wife, who was a well-liked financial aid counselor at Biola University in La Mirada had an extramarital status. It is also noticed that a judge delayed the actor’s trial when his Attorneys for the defence argued that April’s phone should be put forth investigation.

Investigations over April’s killing were troubled by her iPhone which was passcode-protected. The police were helped to extract data from the phone’s hard drive, an L.A. judge ordered an Apple technician in June 2014. It was revealed that the technical experts met with detectives in February of last year when LAPD received the hard memory.

Furthermore, in this connection, April’s phone was tried by the L.A. Country district attorney’s office for extracting data for helping the completion of the investigation process, though faced the failure. Only the contents of the phone’s SIM card were accessible.

In March, authorities were in search to get the help of a forensic cellphone expert to pass through the security features of the device and make room for the authorities to view the contents of the phone. Later on, the district attorney’s office had thoroughly examined April’s iPhone.

It was about 8:30 p.m. on May 19, 2014, when the concerned authorities through a phone call, were informed about the crime. According to a report, just two children who were below 10 years old, were inside their home during the incident. Authorities also recovered a handgun from their house at 5400 blocks, Brynhurst Avenue.

In this regard, the 53-year-old suspect is now on trial. Michael played L.A. Police officer Julien Lowe in “The Shield.” The other films he starred in were “Boogie Nights, “Forrest Gump” and “Planet of the Apes.”