Aquator is a simple, yet highly addictive 2D scrolling shooter game, which pits a highly advanced submarine called Aquator, up against a host of fish baddies who want to spread mischief amongst the young of Sea Kingdom.

To steer Aquator through the game, you simply tilt your screen to line up your cannon with oncoming enemies.

Your submarine will fire automatically as you move through the map. Along the way, you will come across various power-ups and health bonuses, which temporarily upgrade your weapons, allowing you to shoot more powerfully at your underwater foes. Weapon power-ups include a machine gun, and a three beamed laser gun. 1

Bubbles, Lasers and Nukes

As well as gun and laser power-ups, you can collect items and kill enemies to charge your nuke, which appears at the bottom right corner of the screen. Whenever you come up against a boss, tapping on them will launch your nuke, clearing the way to continue.

Unfortunately, Aquator only has one level, which will naturally become repetitive after a while. However, it must be said that despite only consisting of one level, the game is extremely addictive.

After you complete the level, you will be shown your high score, along with how many enemies you were able to kill. Attempting to beat your high score or to kill more enemies definitely provides an incentive to play another round or two. 2 Aquator looks pleasing to the eye during game play, as laser beams and explosions look cool, whilst the bubbly underwater environment helps to set the scene.

The menus are easy to understand and use, although the visuals are not as polished when compared to the actual game itself. The menu icons, logos and characters displayed look a little blurred and undefined.

The overall game play however, is fantastic. After you get the hang of the controls and different power-ups, it’s extremely fun to try to keep beating your high score.

Final Remarks

Aquator doesn’t offer much in terms of content, but it’s arcade style shooter game play pretty much makes up for it.

Although it must be said, although shooting and nuking underwater foes is certainly great fun, it would have been nice to see some extra levels, and perhaps some more variation in terms of power-ups.

All in all, Aquator is very simple, and yet, it is highly effective at doing what it sets out to do, and that’s to get you addicted to the fast paced game play.

Download Aquator from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.