Are Vloggers still Using Camcorders? Should you Consider about it?

It’s not a surprise that some video creators do own camcorders.  Apart from them being cost-effective, they are also sturdy and handy too.

In general, a lot of vloggers agree that camcorders for YouTube videos are still very useful and highly recommended. The ergonomics balance is well designed and the workflows are much simpler as well. Furthermore, when we look at the sound, it is easy to balance the sound on a camcorder, and also the footage is better focused compared to DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras.

When it comes to its features and buttons, the camcorder is also superior for video compared to digital cameras. With time-lapse recording, long battery life, and even inputs for audio, it is hard to find the same features on other cameras at the same price.

Made with build-in lenses, 3 or 5 axis stabilization, amazing quality on-camera audio recording, and so on, it is unfortunate that the camcorder is useless when it comes to taking still pictures. Therefore these lead to most vloggers using DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras instead.

Most vloggers are always on the move and they prefer to have something which is lightweight. Also, some cameras are cheaper than camcorders which make them more appealing especially to beginners. The great example is that a lof of YouTubers are still using GoPro cameras for vlogging.

Anyway, let’s look at other reasons why vloggers like using digital cameras instead of a camcorder.

  1. Advertising: Digital camera brands are always pushing their cameras towards vloggers. Aside from this with there are newer products coming up every time, therefore, vloggers have no choice but to take notice.
  2. Cross format: Unlike camcorders, it is possible to use a camera to shoot videos as well as take still photos. This will definitely be a big plus to vloggers who love taking pictures too.
  3. Action cameras: Adventure channels and vloggers need action cameras for outdoor shoots. The cameras come in handy when they need to shot scenes when it is raining or snowing.
  4. Latest tech: DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras are great at offering slow motion, in body and optical stabilization with sharp 4k footage. These specs are useful to vloggers when it comes to producing quality videos.
  5. Accessibility of WIFI: Vloggers need to film and upload lots of videos. That’s why a camera with the WIFI feature will be so useful since the videos will automatically be uploaded to their YouTube channel.
  6. Massive storage space for photos: Digital cameras often offer massive storage options. Simply the memory cards can hold thousands of video images and photos that can be swapped easily if you need more space. This means you can transfer the photos to a computer hard drive to free up space.
  7. Multiple functions: The cameras have various functions such as face and motion detection, night vision meant to capture better images. For instance, night photos are almost the same quality as photos taken in the daytime.
  8. Easy editing: It is easy to edit videos as well as photos using a digital camera compared to a camcorder. Basic editing such as lighting, red-eye removal, or enhancing contrast can be done by the camera. Additionally, for more effects, you can use photo-editing software.
  9. Quick operation: A great feature of digital cameras is that you can take multiple photos as well as videos without wasting time. All you need is to be ready with the content and you are good to go.

All in all:

If you have been planning to buy a camcorder to this day, don’t delay the plan as it is a great device to create vlogs.