Why aren’t Apple’s current MacBook Pro family not selling well? The answer may not surprise you

Apple’s MacBook family is not selling well this year and this could only happen because consumers could be waiting for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 family, which is said to host a lot of features not present in the current lineup. According to IDC, Apple only managed to ship out 4.4 million notebooks this year, which is way less than what the company managed to ship out in 2015. During 2015, Apple sold 4.8 million notebook units, and with the newer lineup incoming, it’s only a matter of time when those sales numbers rise.

So why do we believe that Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 lineup is expected to do so well. Well, in developed regions like the United States, Apple does provide top-notch customer service and the build quality of its notebooks are nothing short of stellar. However, there are several features present in the MacBook Pro 2016 family that are going to steal the show.


First off, rumors are suggesting that the security level is going to be increased on these notebooks thanks to the support of Touch ID. There is also an OLED display bar present in place of the keyboard strip, which will allow the user to open up a multitude of applications from within that display strip without batting an eye on the primary display of the MacBook.

Taking a feature from the 12-inch MacBook, the MacBook Pro 2016 could have a total of four USB-C ports. Our guess is that any of the USB-C ports could be used to not only charge the MacBook, but to transfer data to several mobile devices that are using the same interface. With the notebook coming with PCIe flash storage, those transfer speeds are definitely going to be quick and painless. There is no accurate release date of the notebook family, but the unveiling could take place after the announcement of the iPhone 7 family.