ASUS ROG GX800 is a liquid cooled laptop with the fastest hardware in a gaming notebook

After ASUS announced its ROG GX700, which is the world’s first gaming laptop to feature a liquid cooling solution, the company quickly followed up with its ROG GX800, which is basically an upgraded version of the GX700, but for those who want to experience the best of the best in notebook gaming performance, turn your attention to the ASUS ROG GX800.

Now, details are minimal at best, but during the announcement at Computex 2016, ASUS stated that GX800 is the world’s fastest gaming notebook because it features two NVIDIA GPUs present inside in an SLI configuration. GX700 featured a single graphics card, so this is certainly an upgrade over its predecessor. What’s more is that the laptop features an Intel processor with an unlocked multiplier. By entering the motherboard’s BIOS, gamers can increase the clock speed of the processor very easily if the machine has been outfitted with an unlocked processor.

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Engadget reports that ASUS has not provided information as to which processor is going to be present inside ROG GX800. However, if its predecessor had an Intel Core i7-6820K present in it, then we cannot figure out which processor model other than this is going to be running instead. ASUS was not kind enough to reveal pricing and availability details, but if you have desktop class components fitted inside a gaming laptop, then this powerful machine is definitely going to cost you a huge chunk of your savings.

One other thing that we liked about the gaming notebook is that it continues to provide gamers with an attachable liquid cooled solution as well as a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are much durable than regular keys and they feel really good to press since they deliver that amazing clicking sensation.

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The ASUS ROG GX800 should be available during the third quarter of this year and as stated before, if you’re looking to invest in a cheap gaming notebook, then this one is definitely not for you.