Starting June 7th AT&T has decided to stop offering unlimited data plans so that they can, according to them: “make it more affordable for more people to enjoy the benefits of the mobile Internet.” The new plans consist of a $15 DataPlus plans offering 200MB of data per month, and a $25 DataPro plan offering 2GB of data per month. Customers will also have free access to AT&Ts more than 20,000 Wi-Fi Hot Spots throughout the US. Additions GB of data can be purchased for $10 a pop, and customers will be send text messages when they start to reach their limit.

While the price change is great news for smart phone users who don’t use data on their phones heavily, the change is definitely bad news for people such as new iPad users who planned to use the device for data-heavy activities such as Netflix streaming

With the data plan change AT&T will be adding tethering for all smartphone customer, including those using the iPhone, for an additional $20 a month as long as the subscriber has selected the DataPro plan.

While the option to tether is great, its also kind of bogus that AT&T is charging an additional $20 for the privilege since you’re now paying for the amount of data you use.

Plan changes go into effect June 7th, with tethering available on the iPhone later this summer when OS 4.0 is released. Existing iPad customers who are using the $29.99 unlimited data plan will have the option to continue with the plan after June 7th or switch to one of the new data plans instead.

What do you think about the new data options?