Avast to Offer Fingerprint Scanning On Android: Safe, Secure Password Access for PINs and Logins

If you forget a lot of your passwords and feel like you’re always having them sent to you in your email, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are several apps out there that store your passwords. Avast is not only free; it’s a trusted brand and it’s constantly adding features.

Avast is one of the oldest anti-virus and anti-trojan software brands out there. As long as it’s been popular, it’s been free. While nothing has changed, there are a lot of features that it offers that you might want for your own passwords. They’ve recently updated their features to allow users to remotely access PIN codes, passwords and other logins.

While Avast Fingerprint Scanning Has Existed for iOS it’s Brand New for Android

If you’re looking for an easy software to use, Avast is a great option. With the new fingerprint capabilities, you’ll be able to access your information even easier; with more security than ever before. You won’t have to worry about someone finding your application open and hijacking your passwords (unless they’ve got a copy of your fingerprint).

Avast Passwords App Helps Make Life Easier

You probably use your mobile smartphone for a lot, logging into your social media pages, bank security pages and more. Avast can make life much simpler, keeping all of your precious account information safe and secure, even on your mobile phone.


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