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Azeus Convene is an innovative board meeting app for both face-to face and remote collaboration. It allows users to organise, join in and set up board meetings with other colleagues. Essentially, Azeus Convene is a remote boardroom solution for those employees that work from home, are abroad or just to allow a meeting to happen across boarders and time zones.

What does it do?

Azeus Convene is simple and convenient in its layout – it provides the ultimate solution for international or nationally spread businesses, using either wifi for employees on the same network or the internet for those who are more geographically challenged. The main feature that Azeus Convene really boasts above its competitors is the way that these meetings are fully interactive: the app also provides digital whiteboards that support annotations, laser pointers and real time interactive viewing and note making, allowing all participants to fully engage in the meeting no matter where they are.


We at Tapscape also experienced first hand the integration and cross over techniques introduced in Azeus Convene. It is fully compatible with Dropbox and Sharepoint, allowing participants to share files from many different types of online storage and file sharing sites. The app is slick, quick and easy to use, with its only limit being your internet connection. The application itself is also very security conscious; encrypting your ongoing meetings so as to avoid gatecrashers, as well as giving the option of wiping any and all meeting information from your device. This can also be done remotely should your device be lost or stolen.


Tapscape’s Final Thoughts

Azeus Convene is an application that does exactly as it says on the tin – and in an easy to use and sleek way that any and all of your employees can quickly learn and handle. The meeting software seemed impressively well secure without being too difficult and slow to share information – the security did not ‘bog down’ the device in any way. This certainly seems to be the best way to share important information and brainstorm ideas with a group of people who aren’t in the same room – whether they be on a lower level or indeed half way across the globe.