BandwagonBetty iPhone App

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BandwagonBetty is an iPhone app developed by Walkable, Inc. For sports fans who are totally obsessed with stats and crunching numbers, BandwagonBetty is an indispensable resource for pre-game and post-game discussions.

Name your stat, and it’s likely featured here in BandwagonBetty. Wins, losses, point differentials, and even home field advantage are all calculated for your and available to peruse.

BandwagonBetty iPhone AppBandwagonBetty iPhone App

Ideal for fans of baseball, hockey, football, and/or basketball, BandwagonBetty runs millions of simulated seasons to figure out what teams have the best shot of making it to the playoffs.

Ex-pats, or anyone who loves the international sports scene, will be somewhat disappointed by this app. Some popular sports aren’t covered.

While there’s plenty of coverage for the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL, there’s no coverage whatsoever for soccer/football. That omission alone makes this app less than ideal for many international fans. Hopefully more sports will be added in future updates, in order to broaden the appeal. It would be cool to see a special section of the app for Olympics coverage as well.

BandwagonBetty iPhone AppBandwagonBetty iPhone App

That being said, most American users of this app are going to be totally satisfied with the array of sports coverage here. Scoreboards show the results of recent games, with odds of reaching the playoffs clearly displayed. So-called “impact games” are also displayed, which give users an idea of how each game impacted a given team.

For a free app, BandwagonBetty for iPhone offers a ton of great content. The interface is solid, if a little bland. But let’s be honest, sports fans: you’re checking this app out for the killer content, not because of the pretty wrapping paper.

For sports fans who compulsively check stats, this is a great app. And for sports fans who occasionally like to have a little flutter on the games, this app can help sportsbetting fans make the right call.

BandwagonBetty is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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