Beautune Mac App

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Beautune is a Mac App developed by Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd. If you want to look better in photographs, this amazing editor tool is worth your time (and your money!)

Regular readers will recall that we have previously reviewed another app from Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd.: Fotor, the #1 free photo app in over 50 countries. In our review, we gave Fotor a 9.2 score, praising the simplicity of the interface and the robustness of its features.

Beautune Mac App Beautune Mac App

Based on my previous experience with this company’s offerings, I went into my tests with Beautune with high hopes. I’d liked their other apps, and I generally have high expectations for apps that cost nearly $50.

Overall I was quite impressed with what Beautune bring to the table. The app is really simple to navigate, and the tools are easy to apply and quite customizable.

However, as this is a Version 1.0.0 app, there were a couple of issues. Launching this app caused other apps I was running to close unexpectedly. I also disliked constantly being asked if I wanted to apply changes when working in the app and switching between tools.

Everyone wants to look their best, especially in an age where all of your photos send to end up on Facebook or Instagram. I could see this app being of particular interest to actors, models, or anyone who is just launching an Internet dating profile and wants to look their best.

Beautune Mac App Beautune Mac App

Despite a few issues here and there, however, this app is definitely worth buying. If you’re image-obsessed (or are a photographer yourself), this app is a simple tool for retouching photos and adding a bit of glamour.

Beautune lets you send your photos to iPhoto, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Email, all from within the app. If you want your selfies to look incredible, this app is a must-try.

Beautune is a Mac App that requires OS X 10.6 or later. 

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