Beeing Newton is a new game from Conka Games Ltd available for the iPhone and iPad. It has unique game mechanics and physics. In it the bees have fallen sick, leaving just Newton to pollinate the flowers and bring home nectar to save his hive.


What Does it Do?

In Beeing Newton players must fly the bee in loops around flowers. It has fairly novel controls in which players tap, and hold, the screen to fly and loop the bee around the flower petals. Letting go of the screen propels the bee in the direction it was at when you let go. Each flower kind of has its own gravity (hence the title Beeing Newton) that sucks the bee in when you press down. Timing is crucial as if the bee flies too far out from the flower petal, it will fly out of its orbit.  Alternatively, if you propel the bee directly into the flowers it loses energy. Pulling off perfect loops around the petals gains nectar. That nectar can then be used to buy more speed, shield, energy and other power ups. You can also make in-game purchases with your account to boost Newton.


But Beeing Newton is still a tough nut to crack, and it does not include any save points. Consequently, players will find themselves tediously playing through all the earlier levels again to get back to where they were; and might need to make some in-game purchases to complete the game. Beeing Newton boasts super slick, smooth and colorful graphics; but its background landscapes are exactly the same on most of its levels. The developer should have added more variable backdrops to give the levels greater variety. The game has realistic wildlife sound effects, but does not include any soundtrack in its levels.


TapScape’s Final Thoughts

As a free game Beeing Newton is worth adding to your iPhone or iPad. It has quality visuals, dynamic gameplay mechanics and is original. However, without any save points some players might find looping a bee around flowers in levels they’ve played through a number of times before gets a little tedious after a while. Check out the game’s website for further details.