Beginner's Guide to NFT Games

NFT games are currently making waves not just in the crypto industry but the whole internet. It’s an enjoyable and fun way to earn digital assets and money.

Here’s a short and easy beginner’s guide to NFT and GameFi platforms.

What are NFT Games?

NFT, or non fungible token games is the newest addition to the cryptocurrency and gaming industry.

Blockchain-based games will have digital assets called NFTs or tokens, or similar to in-game items offered in online games.

These NFTs largely make up the game economy. Holders can use it to purchase items both digital and physical, to progress further in the game or sell it to those who are interested via a marketplace.

Can You Earn Money on Cryptocurrency Games?

The short answer is yes, you can certainly turn in a profit when you play NFT games. Some offer more opportunities than others, and for this reason they’re called play-to-earn GameFi titles.

As you play the game and complete challenges you’ll be rewarded tokens and digital items you can trade to other players. Incidentally, these tokens can also be turned into fiat currency on crypto exchange platforms.

Can You Lose Money on Cryptocurrency Games?

Investments will always have some sort of risk, and GameFi platforms are no different.

For one, you will need a capital to start playing. NFT games will usually require you to purchase tokens to play, which adds something to the economy and keeps things running.

The money you spend can be lost when the token depreciates, or when you lose interest and leave it in without cashing out.

How is NFT Games Different From Trading Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

Before discussing how crypto trading and NFT games are different, let’s take a look at how they’re the same.

The most obvious comparison is that you need to invest in them so you can turn in a profit. They’re both based in the Blockchain system, which makes them both digital assets.

Crypto trading may be more lucrative, especially with the help of a trading platform like bitcoin revolution. There’s no wasted movement- you calculate, buy and then sell the cryptocurrency if you’re sure to make some money in the end.

On the other hand, NFT games are to be experienced in a fun and relaxing manner, with making money a byproduct of spending time with it.

What Are Good NFT Games to Play?

NFT games are thriving as more and more people are adopting the technology. If you’re looking to dive right in, here are some recommendations.

Sandbox 3D. An open-world game where participants can create their own voxel assets and sell them on online marketplaces. Custom games can also be made here.

Battle Racers. Similar to Mario Kart and casual racers but with emphasis on weapons. Winners can put up their cars as NFTs and sell them for cryptocurrency.

Axie Infinity. An NFT game where participants can breed their own creatures for battling. It’s similar to Pokemon and with an emphasis on battling to get top rank. The best players get in-game rewards.