Benefits of using a Digital App for Your Dukaan

It is said that if you don’t change with the world, you will be left behind. A digital transformation is the need of the hour, and every shop or Dukan needs to get on board with it. The constant dependency on the internet over the years has been the reason for introducing digital Dukan. A digital business is all about exploring new ways of doing the same business but just more efficiently and profitably. We have an app for everything these days, and when we say everything, we mean everything, so why should your Dukan not have one.?  Let’s find out some of the benefits of having a digital app for your Dukan :

1. A Wider Geographic 

Having your business online makes your products not restricted to only local consumers. It helps in creating a wider customer base. Once satisfied with certain product quality, a customer never goes anywhere else, and hence you need to be consistent with the quality. 

2. Faster Redressal of consumer complaints

An online platform helps in catering to customers more efficiently. We all have seen the sites with a customer care service available other through online chat or email, or phone. So an unsatisfied customer is removed from the hassle of going to the store and can directly resolve its issues from the comfort of their home. A digital Dukan provides speedy customer service.

3. Promotion of Brand 

By making your business available online, you are putting your products in the face of your customer. Increased digital advertising creates recognition in a customer’s mind of the digital Dukan, and that’s the first step to create new customers.  Eventually, through continuous notifications, you build your loyal customer base. Social media recognition is the new tool for enhancing customer engagement.

4. Customer Loyalty 

Customer loyalty is gained when you provide a quality product and pamper them with discounts and promotional offers. With a digital app, a customer is aware of any membership offer or special discounts immediately. They don’t need to visit the store and know about the same.

5. Better Administration

Digitization of business is beneficial for handling payroll as well. Employee data, including attendance, need to be managed very efficiently. The Labour attendance register is one of the crucial formats every Dukan needs to maintain. An online platform removes the hassle of storing unnecessary ledgers and registers. It also creates a better transparent platform between the employee and employer. No one can manipulate the numbers this way. 

6. New product launches

Every successful dukaan grows through the introduction of new products. In digital Dukanif you launch any new products, the customer gets to know through the digital app immediately. Dukaan owner saves a lot of money through marketing its products through the digital app. 

7. Fewer Cash transactions

Most of the transactions are through credit cards or net banking, or online money platforms with the digital app. This creates a direct deposit of the sale amount in the bank account. Also, such direct online transactions create more security of the sale amount. There are fewer cash transactions to worry about.

8. Zero launching cost 

Starting a digital app is free of cost. A digital app dukaan owner can always save on shop cost and spend on warehouse storage. This is one reason why the digitization of shop businesses has been more profitable in the last years. 


A well-devised digital app automates manual business tasks and gives a competitive edge to its owner over its competitors. Going digital is not an option anymore. It is a default action to run a successful business. As we have already heard, the Future is today.

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