If you are thinking to move to a PG in Delhi, you need to understand its benefits before you move in. Many youngsters move to Delhi to pursue their higher education or join a new job. You will be thinking to move into rented accommodation or paying guest accommodation. Sometimes, it is tough for you to decide whether to go in for a rented house or in paying guest accommodation.

Ideally, if you are moving to the city for the first time, you can think of moving to a paying guest in Delhi, so that it is beneficial for you. Staying in a paying guest accommodation would be beneficial for you as it has many benefits. When you move into a new city, your parents would worry about your well-being. So, let us explore the various benefits of staying in a PG in Delhi.

  1. Staying in a paying guest accommodation is much cheaper than you take a rented flat or a house. In a distinctive paying guest, the rent is calculated per month and you will be paying rent on per month basis. Apart from the rent that you pay per month, you will also have other expenses that you will end up spending. For example, you will have to keep domestic help to meet your basic maintenance of the house, spend money for monthly groceries and expenses, pay all the bills, and many more. The overall amount would be more while you stay in a rented house. While you stay in a paying guest in Delhi you will be required to pay an only one-time monthly charge and it would cover all the expenses in it as listed in the agreement before you move in.
  2. Paying guest accommodation has a few facilities that would work out feasible for you as compared to taking a rented house or a flat. Most of the PG in Delhi provide you with three meals, spacious rooms, basic furniture, leisure areas, and staff for maintenance who would attend to the daily cleaning activities. Also, you could get a few things customised to your requirements. For example, if you require only two meals per day, you can request on the concession of the overall rent. Each paying guest accommodation has its set of rules also. Few paying guest accommodation would be strict on the timings while a few would be strict about visitor entry. Before you move into the paying guest, you need to check on what suits you and then decide.
  3. Staying in a paying guest accommodation provides you with great independence as well. Some of the paying guest accommodation has some set of rules, you need to check with it before you move in.
  4. You can save a lot of time while you stay in a paying guest accommodation. Most of the paying guest accommodation is situated in locations where there are many companies and educational institutions. Choosing one from that is near to your place of work or study will help you in many ways as you need to suffer from the traffic that is a major issue in big cities like Delhi. So, you can choose to stay nearby that will save you a lot of travel time. Also, many properties in such desired locations would be very expensive and would incur heavy rents in case you go in for a rented house or flat. In such cases, paying guest accommodation is an ideal choice and would be affordable as well. It would be an affordable temporary residence and would also save you a lot of time as a working professional.
  5. Most of the PG in Delhi have maintenance people in-house and to keep the premises neat and healthy. When there is a maintenance issue, you need not worry about it. The faults will be taken care of by the maintenance people or the paying guest accommodation owner. This is a major benefit in a PG because all these would take some time out from you.
  6. Paying guest accommodation has people coming from various cities and backgrounds. So, it would be a great place to connect with people from various backgrounds and discuss many things about growth, career, etc.


Staying in a paying guest accommodation is an ideal choice for those unmarried people who move into Delhi for the first time. Explore the many available paying guest in Delhi and enjoy your stay in the city.