Best 3 VR Games on Mobile, Consoles and PC

For a few years now, we have seen how technology has advanced and now, given way to virtual reality gaming. Right now, it seems that virtual reality is taking off rapidly.  This has given way to many VR games being developed. These games are definitely worth buying so you can experience the best gaming. One great thing about virtual reality is that you can play most of the old games that you’ve played before on PC and console or at some old best sports betting sites. This also includes virtual reality casinos. In fact, people can now play their favourite casino games at virtual reality casinos which are really a great Improvement, if you ask us. Below, we list the best VR games on mobile consoles and PC stop. Enjoy!

Fallout 4 VR (HTC Vive Exclusive)

This game features Bethesda’s legendary post-apocalyptic world. The game comes with full VR tracking. Not only that, but the game has motion control shooting as well. You can play this game on the HTC Vive. As you play the game, you can expect to get into some intriguing side quests, as well as experience the exalted soundtrack.

Edge of Nowhere (Oculus Rift Exclusive)

Edge of Nowhere is a third person Adventure. Victor, who is the protagonist, is on a quest to find his fiancé, Ava. Apparently, Ava is lost in an Antarctic Expedition. In order to find his fiancé, Victor will go through the tundra, where he will come up against some fearsome monsters. He comes across all of this as he descends further and further into madness.

Beat Saber (Multiplatform)

This can be described as Dance Dance Revolution meets Star Wars. This game comes with a lot of rhythm and requires the player to slash around glowing sabers while the music plays in the background. As you play the game via online casinos uk, you’ll be required to keep up with the tune while at the same time, cutting some specific coloured blocks which will be coming from specific directions. You must also Dodge field stickers that you meet along the way. This game is currently on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, as well as Windows Mixed Reality devices.