Mobile games have been improving at breakneck speed, and Android games seem to reach new heights every year.

Thanks to the release of Vulkan API and Android Nougat, we’re looking at it get even better yet, and it won’t be long before this list needs to be updated again.

Kill Some Time with Crashlands

You can get Crashlands, our number one pick, for US$4.99 on Google Play.

It was released only last year, and is already one of the top Android games ever made.

Crashlands, although unfortunately not allowing for online betting –there are other apps for that! – takes you on an intergalactic journey.

It features a multi-dimensional trucker that has had to crash land on an alien planet. Your job, as the trucker, is to figure out what’s going on: build a base for yourself, collect and craft various items, and, obviously, save the world from imminent doom.

There is a role-playing game element that allows for plenty of character development, and a lot of items you need to hunt around for during play.

The game makes for easy play by sorting your inventory automatically, and the best part is no in-app purchase requests will be getting in your way.

Have Fun with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is free, with in-app purchase offers distributed through the game, and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft landed on the mobile gaming scene back in 2014, and it has managed to stay relevant to this day.

You are asked to collect cards, build decks, and fight other players with the decks you’ve built. There are a few offline components, but most of the game takes place online, and allows you to enjoy the game on your PC or Android as you like.

Expansions are underway, which is set to only improve an already fantastic mobile game experience, and this game is a wonderful option for when you need a break from real money mobile slots, or whatever else you enjoy online.

Make the Most of Minecraft: Pocket Edition

At the low price of US$6.99, with in-app purchases, you can enjoy a little Minecraft on the go, by means of the pocket edition available on Google Play, and enjoy one of the classic mobile games in a brand new way.

For those who have not yet played this old favourite: Minecraft plants you in a foreign world where you are asked to mine, build, and vanquish baddies.

The game features a survival mode, in which you are asked to mine your own food and resources, but there is a creative mode available too, which offers you limitless supplies of these.

Thanks to the frequent updates this game receives, there is always new content for you to enjoy, and we are willing to bet that before long the mobile game will be on par with the PC version.

You’ll Never Be Bored Again

Above and beyond how well designed these games are, the fact that they can be enjoyed almost anywhere is what keeps mobile fun like this on the rise in terms of popularity with smartphone owners of all ages.

Whether you are waiting for a bus, in a queue at the supermarket, or commuting frequently, Android games like these help the time pass more quickly, and ensure that you stay in a good mood while you get on with all the errands you need to!

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