Best iPhone Games of 2021

Have an iPhone and itching to play the best games your smartphone has to offer?

Look no further than our list of award-winning iPhone games, listed in no particular order. For the best casino games, try DG SSGAME350.

Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a party game where the ‘wearer’ of the iPhone has to guess the word on his or her forehead. The partner can only say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and each round only lasts a minute or two.

Heads Up! offers a variety of words on categories such as animals, movies, celebrities and more.


Minecraft is an all-time great and still ranks high up to this date. Made by Mojang, it’s a sandbox world where you can build absolutely anything you want. You work with boxes and materials to make something new. There’s also a survival mode that pits you against the game’s many monsters.


Roblox is a gaming platform, kind of like a website that offers a lot of games. You can choose your virtual world and cooperate or fight against other people in a multiplayer environment.

Roblox features simplistic and even dated graphics but there’s hours of fun to be had once you pick a game that resonates with you.

Call of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile is a relative newcomer that has managed to take the iOS App Store by storm. It’s from the same guys that made Call of Duty and its many offshoots, which says a lot about the game’s polish and quality.

Among Us!

Among Us! is a free to play game where you and a group of people figure out the killer who’s hiding in plain sight. Set in a spaceship backdrop, you try to restore function if you’re innocent, or kill everyone else if you’re the killer.

The graphics are very simple and the app only takes a small amount of data in your phone. Its addictive nature however, has made it into an all-time great.