Best Online Games to Play On Your PC

PC games are a dime a dozen, and almost all of them take up a huge chunk on your hard drive with all the downloading and installation. 

For those who are looking for a quick fix, you can play casino games like Bandar Bola or IDN poker, both of which won’t require massive digital space and too much time. Just get on your browser, register and play online. 

Here are 5 more recommended online games you can play on a PC.


Roblox is a platform that lets you play with a variety of missions and objectives depending on what you download. The cartoony character figures are cute and you can customize the avatars according to your liking.

Second Life

Second Life is a simulation-type of game where you create an avatar and roam around an expansive world. It has real life elements such as object creation that you can sell for money.

Playing Second Life is all about freedom. You can do anything as long as its allowed and experience user-created content.

Casino Games

Casino game sites let you play popular games like slots, roulette, Agen Bola and Judi Bola without the need to download or install them. Simply pull up a web browser on your laptop or desktop and wait a few minutes, then play as much as you want.

Some of these sites offer live casino gaming or real money betting as added features.

Poker Games

There’s no doubt that poker is one of the most popular card games there is. It has simple mechanics and yet offer a range of strategies for beginners and card sharks alike.

Take your pick from the best poker sites such as DominoQQ and Poker Online and register for access. Each round can take a few minutes and no game is the same!

World of Warcraft

A massively multiplayer online game that still has thousands of active players at any given time. World of Warcraft has all the trappings of a fantasy RPG, complete with skills, stats and of course, socialization aspects.