Speed Radar

“Automated driving system” is the term being coined for a safe future but it will take few more years to get there. Till then, we have to follow some traffic rules or else we could get in trouble. Speed guns are increasingly being used by traffic police to catch speed offenders. Sometimes we do have to drive quickly to reach a destination and in those times, we are unlikely to look for speed guns.

To save the headache of being caught by cops and to skip paying the fine, radar detectors can save the day. So, the radar detectors check for speed guns nearby which could essentially be emitting radio waves. The radar detector can be installed in front of the car (inside). So, even before the speed gun can capture your speed, the radar detector will warn you, giving you ample time to reduce your speed.

Here are some of the best radar detectors you can buy right now-

  1. Valentine One

It’s the best radar detector on the market at the moment, if all-around performance (working) is taken into account. It’s multi-directional sensors help improve the chances of detecting speed guns which unidirectional sensors would usually miss. It also does one crazy but hugely important thing, it sports a arrow which pinpoints the location of the speed gun.

  1. Escort Passport 9500 iX

This one’s for those who drive a lot in the city and on highways. High traffic takes a toll on you frequently and you tend to speed-up right after exiting a congested road? Well then, you should get the Escort Passport 9500 iX; the company doesn’t focus on features but on the actual performance on the road and honestly, that’s a good thing.

  1. Uniden R3

This one focuses more on unique features – like a bright OLED display, dedicated filtering system for K-Band signals, and more. It’s one of high-end options available in the market but Uniden does it for a much lower price compared to the competition. It may not be the best all-rounder but if you’re looking for some hi-tech and a display that is visible on sunny days, Uniden R3 is the perfect radar detector.