The Bose QuietCOmfort 35 II in silver and black

One of the reasons for their popularity has been their QuietComfort series of headphones. The QuietComfort 35 is the sequel to the best-selling QC25, the universally preferred choice for budget wireless headphones. The QC 35 was an immediate success.

Late last year, the QC35 II was introduced, adding a programmable button which can be used with Google Assistant. Other changes include….literally nothing else, the sound quality is the same, battery life is the same and it is structurally the exact same. It is merely an update for the sake of keeping up with the competition.

The fact that nothing else has changed, isn’t all bad news though. It still sounds great, has good battery life and is comfortable to wear. But, this time around, these pair of headphones are not the undisputed champion in this category.

Sennheiser Momentum II Wireless

Bose may be the king of noise-cancelling headphones, but Sennheiser is the king OF headphones. They have been in the headphone market for what seems like a lifetime, and have produced enough brilliant products that they are practically synonymous with “music”. Their products range from $10 in-ear headphones to $55,000 ultra-exclusive headphones.

In late 2015, Sennheiser silently released an On-ear version of their Momentum Over-ear headphones. And while they’re not as popular as the QC35 II, they are better in every other regard. Compared to the Bose, the sound quality is just astonishing. The bass, the treble, the mids, the high-ends, etc.. are better on the Sennheiser. When using it wired, it sounds EVEN better.

It’s more comfortable than the Bose, the controls are easier to use, the battery life is significantly better and the active noise-cancellation is just as good. It even has Aptx, which allows for better sound quality over Bluetooth. Really then, this sounds like the perfect deal, amazing sound, battery, comfort and convenience.

At nearly $400, it’s a relief that it is a good deal, but is it worth the $50 extra over the Bose ? Absolutely.