DomiNations is a combat strategy game for the iOS and Android that has millions of players. Now Big Huge Games has given the game its most notable update to date with World War. The World War update is introducing a whole new way for alliances to battle it out.

world war

If you have not played DomiNations, it is basically a multiplayer game in which players build up their nations with a variety of upgradeable economic and military structures. Then you can invade other nations, including those within single player campaigns, with your army to gain more resources and enhance your nation’s ranking. Players can join alliances, and with this update those alliances can now battle it out.

The Big Huge Game CEO, Mr Train, stated: “DomiNations was built for strategy gamers by strategy gamers, and we’re excited to launch our number one player-requested feature: World War. World War adds a brand-new layer of strategy that rewards teamwork, creative base building, and clever approaches to battles.”

So in this update two alliances can go head-to-head with up to 50 player nations. To join a world war, you must first enter an alliance and then build a cheap Command Post structure in your nation. With that, when a war is on you can press the World War button to join it. That opens a map that shows the nations in the war.

First, there is a planning day in which players can get their nations’ defenses and armies together. Furthermore, you can donate troops to other alliance members. In addition, players can also configure their war bases for the world war with the Edit Base option.

On the battle day players can invade twice and gain up to five stars for a battle victory. The alliance that wins the most stars wins the war. The alliance that wins receives all of its war loot.

This is game is freely available for the iOS and Android platforms. This latest update certainly adds a new dimension to the game. You can find further details at the DomiNations website.