BIGMAN Slots Facebook App

BIGMAN Slots is a Facebook app developed by BIGMAN Entertainment, Inc. If you’re a fans of slots or casino games, then this new Facebook app is primed to become your new addiction.

After a soft launch in a handful of countries, this slots game is now available worldwide. BIGMAN Slots features seven different slot stages, with fun designs like “New York Nights” and “Fortune Square.”

BIGMAN Slots Facebook App BIGMAN Slots Facebook App

On each slot machine, players can customize their experience by changing their bet per line or number of active lines per spin. Players can earn more money to spend in the game by interacting with the game’s Facebook fan page, sharing posts with their friends, or inviting friends to play.

The interface here is very attractive, and the controls are thoughtfully and intuitively designed. This game is likely to appeal to both seasoned slots fans and slots newbies, though the game does seem like it’s targeting people who don’t usually play slot machine games.

BIGMAN Slots Facebook App BIGMAN Slots Facebook App

BIGMAN Slots has a really fun, graphic look to each level. This slots game is ideal for people who love the randomness and addictiveness of slot machine games.

But what makes the level design in BIGMAN Slots stand out is the fact that it doesn’t look like every other casino game out there. Each icon and layout looks unique, and creates a really memorable experience.

If you’re looking for a new, casual game to play on Facebook, BIGMAN Slots is definitely worth spending some time with. It’s easy to pick up and play, but not too mentally taxing. This is the kind of fun, easy-going game that is ideal for winding down with at the end of a long day.

BIGMAN Slots is a Facebook app, which requires a Facebook account and a device with an Internet connection in order to play.