Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is the third in an epic series of games by Irrational Games. While we may be parting with the familiar area of Rapture, the underwater city filled with ghastly creatures, we look to the sky for our third adventure.

Ken Levine, the head director and co-founder of Irrational and Bioshock, has said that Infinite will be in a completely different area, and completely different universe from the previous two Bioshock games.

We thought this would be the case, considering Bioshock Infinite is set before the previous two games and contradicts a lot of the things Andrew Ryan says about the government and the world in general.

Even with this new area, Irrational still want to keep that brilliant story telling and venture into the whole world, exploring all the political, economical and social problems within the city of Columbia. Irrational have added a link to a faux documentary about Columbia.

Set ten years before the first world war, Columbia is set in the clouds away from the brutality on the ground. Sadly, like all Bioshock experiences, huge movements in science and culture destroy the locals minds and homes. When you step in, you are plunged into a chaotic world with odd characters and plenty of enemies.

We hope that Irrational put a lot of work into the openness and design of the world. We have already seen trailers of the player flying around the map at top speeds, but will this all just be scripted out routes that you must take, or a different development that can go whatever way you wish? We hope the latter, but our minds tell us that Bioshock Infinite will have a lot of scenes that cannot have an alternative route.

The game will be released late March, after two setbacks.

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