Blackberry 10 release date

Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of previously troubled Blackberry products, is banking heavily on the success of their new Blackberry 10 line of phones that are being launched at the end of this month. Everyone and their mother knows: If this attempt at success fails, RIM’s entire company will probably fail with it. With January 30th, the date of the Blackberry 10 launch event, creeping up, its make it or break it time for RIM in a very serious way. With all the hype surrounding the release, it’s looking like Blackberry might have a fighting chance after all.

Preceding any launch, there are always the inevitable leaks and rumors surrounding what the new product will look like and what features and specs it will be sporting. RIM’s new Blackberry 10 has been the subject of both leaks and rumors lately as die-hard Blackberry fans chomp at the proverbial bit.

Though quite a few leaks have surrounded the Blackberry Z10 (specs comprising most of the rumors), the full QWERTY Blackberry 10 has been quite the object of mystery. No longer, though, because just this week a sought after photo of the QWERTY Blackberry has leaked. Get excited!

Blackberry 10 release dateLooking at the BB10 QWERTY immediately evokes memories of the traditional old-school Blackberry devices. The only in-your-face difference  is the long, narrow iPhone-esque shape and the lack of curve in the keyboard buttons.

Although Blackberry fans may appreciate the somewhat outdated full QWERTY device, the BBZ10 will satisfy full-touchscreen lovers everywhere. Both devices, of course, will be run on the brand new Blackberry 10 OS.

RIM is gearing up to make this extremely important launch a success. The Blackberry 10 release date is set for January 30th and RIM has sent invitations to celebrities and other prominent people to come make this reveal the huge victory that their company desperately needs for survival.

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