BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5

BlackBerry may not be the company it was back before the iPhone, but it looks to regain its strength with a new touchscreen flagship. In this comparison, we look at the BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5, two flagship products by Apple and BlackBerry.

The iPhone 5 has been on sale for longer, but BlackBerry wanted their phone out sooner and have only been tweaking small details for a few months prior to release. We notice a lot of similarities with the two models, but the OS and apps store are very different stories.

BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5

BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5: Design

The BlackBerry Z10 has a slightly bigger screen, 0.2-inches bigger at 4.2-inches, the Z10 also weighs a little more at 137.5g to the iPhone 5’s slim 112g.

The BlackBerry Z10 has a 1280 x 768 display, not as good as some Android phones with 1080p five-inch displays, but better than the 1136 x 640 display the iPhone 5 sports. Colour reproduction can be argued, both phones do it brilliantly.

The two phones have dual-core processors, the BlackBerry Z10 clocking at 1.5GHz while the iPhone 5 A6 core is at a slower 1.3GHz. The BlackBerry Z10 has double the RAM, at 2GB. The iPhone 5 pushes away with internal storage, as you can choose 64GB with Apple’s offering; with the Z10 you get a dismal 16GB, although you can add a 32GB SDcard.

Both phones have LTE and pretty poor battery life. The BlackBerry Z10 just loses out on the battery life run, but both will not last you a day if you play games and use LTE. Both phones have 8MP rear shooters, and the BlackBerry has a 2MP front camera, while the iPhone 5 only has 1.2MP.

Overall the BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5 contest is in the Z10 hands at the moment, although you could argue the iPhone’s beautiful design hands it back to Apple.

BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5

BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5: OS

BB10 was a late comer into the race, but with this late coming, BlackBerry is able to add some unique features like social hub and full gesture swiping, doing away with the home button.

There are still some kinks in the BB10 OS and people have agreed a starter manual may be needed if you are a previous iOS or Android user. Our impression is that BlackBerry has added a solid OS with lots of features, but some of them just haven’t worked out.

The iPhone 5, on the other hand, runs age old iOS, that is safe, simple and secure. The problem is it isn’t innovative and if you buy into the iPhone 5, you are possibly buying into a lifetime of the same operating system.

In our view, both operating systems look great and offer some amazing features, but iOS clinches it with a more smooth interface and is easy for the novice user.

Content is a whole lot better on iOS as well, you will find hundreds of thousands more apps, better apps, more content, more music and a truly premium quality ecosystem. On BB10, you may be lucky to find your favourite 10 apps.  

The BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5 seems to be back in Apple’s hands with this gigantic win.

BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5: Conclusion

It is always up to the end user and what they want with their new device. BlackBerry Z10 has a brilliant design and performance wise it beats the iPhone 5. One could argue that the iPhone 5 looks a lot nicer than the Z10 with a more premium design.

In our view, iOS defeats BB10 in a lot of ways and this may just be because BlackBerry 10 was a such a bold move by the company, one that obviously wasn’t going to fully work out at the start.

In our mind, the iPhone 5 is the better device if you are picking between the two, but if you enjoy BBM, having all your notifications in one place and just want to try something new, maybe you should get the BlackBerry Z10.

What do you think? Could you see yourself getting a BlackBerry device, or are you happy with the iPhone 5? 

[Sources: Gizmag]

  1. Lets see if Apple can keep the 5s looking so good if they do have NFC like it should have. Aluminum won’t work with NFC. I am buying my new z 10 on Tuesday. Apps are fewer but they are at 70,000 now, 100,000 by March and will continue to grow their selection fast.

  2. Overall the iPhone currently wins because it has built up an enormous ecosystem over the years and hence a legion on fans. However the z10 is just starting out with what I think is a superior modern phone with more potential, but has a smaller ecosystem (yes it does have one) and less fans. Only time will tell if it can gain enough of a following to grow. I think these phones can coexist together, no reason why not, after all not everyone wants the same out of a device. I plan on buying the z10 when it’s available.

  3. I agree. Even though the iPhone 5 is a slimmer device, the performance on the Z10 wins. The awful feature with smartphones with closed ecosystems is they can still be giants when the hardware and software isn’t up to par.

  4. Lousy review. Worst I’ve seen. A dismal 16 gb??? What about the sd card slot that you can add another 32gb ( I’ve heard some have it using a 64gb card ). Does the iPhone have NFC? Ya, I thought not.
    I could go on but it would obviously be beyond this reviewers grasp.

  5. I think the author is really a little blind to the advantages of the Blackberry 10 OS. This should be pretty obvious right from the start: you can shift between tasks readily in a Blackberry Z10, without losing your place – messages and alerts are always available. Also the iOS product doesn’t have truly integrated contacts and messaging in the same niveau as the Z10 features. RAM and Battery life are far better on the Blackberry, it is slightly stronger than the iPhone out of the box on battery, but also allows virtually unlimited use, and extended lifespan as the battery can be replaced. It also takes SD RAM. Finally, to describe an iPhone as secure is stretching things, certainly in a review against a Blackberry, which have famously been FIPS-compliant.
    I’d suggest that the author actually engage with the Z10 and try it out for some weeks.

  6. There is this thing called iphone fatigue. I have been using iphone for about a year now, and I am pretty happy with it. But its no longer a hip thing to have an iphone. Just about every guy, ladies and their dogs carry a iphone or a S3 these days. I would grab the chance to carry something different, provided it provide me with a decent range of apps. Oh, did i mention that i like the zoom feature on the BB video recording?

    To put things simply, Blackberry have fallen so far behind that it has become cool again. KInd of like a film that is so bad that it has become a cult classic!

  7. I’m sorry but I have talked about the RAM being better, but in my view social hub is not fully integrating contacts and social messaging the way I like, it throws in odd updates, and notifications work in a way to make it harder for you to view them properly.

    iOS may be stale as bread, but it works very well, has secure apps and data and is simple for the novice user.

  8. I love Blackberry’s strategy of embracing html 5 apps and welcoming Android apps in addition to their own, you get the best of all worlds and its developer friendly, you can see why they got 70k apps before the phone wasn’t even on sale !

  9. You added that after the use of the word “dismal.” It really depends what you are comparing I could argue that an iPhone with 16g and no SD card slot is “dismal” in comparison the a Z10 which happens to give you the option of g 32g with a microSD. I’d take iPhone over Android anytime, but the truth is that as of January 30, 2013, iOS is officially the oldest mobile operating system running. It’s obvious your a iPhone fan and your review is a bit biased. I’m waiting a few months to see how the Z10 fairs, but my money is on the Z10 being the begining of something greater.

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