Don’t try this at home.

TechRax decided to drop a brand new iPhone 6 in boiling Coke to see what will happen to device.

He posted the video on his YouTube channel and said, “The results made my house smell like smoke for 2 hours. I would NOT recommend trying this at home! Enjoy the test!”

At the start of the video, TechRax showed the brand new iPhone 6 in fully functional condition. He then shows a pan and bottle of Coke, which he said will be used to boil the iPhone 6 in.

He boiled the Coke first to a point that it appears like syrup, which is thick, instead of the usual liquid state. He said that it seems that all the water has evaporated and only the sugar is left, which is why it looks syrupy.

Before dropping the iPhone 6, he turns on the camera and puts it on record. Although he said that it may not matter anymore when he drops it on the sludge.

After dropping the iPhone 6, it looks like the thick syrup is absorbing the iPhone. The “Check Temperature” warning sign flashes for a while and then the whole device gets covered with the boiling Coke.

He starts flipping the iPhone 6 over from time to time. It looks like the iPhone 6 is disintegrating with discoloration on its exterior, changing from the gold hue to cherry red, purple, or orange.

At one time in the video, he flipped the iPhone 6 and yellow smoke started coming out of the device.

Afterwards, he turned the stove off. The iPhone 6 appeared to be covered with thick Coke sludge all over.

He cooled the device and then tried to scrape all the solidified Coke on the outside. When he has removed most of the solidified Coke, he confirmed that the iPhone 6 is no longer working, which is expected. He was surprised though that the Home button can still be pressed but the Volume rocker and Power button on the sides are already stuck. The screen has also popped out already and the lightning cable no longer fits the port at the bottom when he tried plugging it in.

Watch the full video of his test below.

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