LG Releases Bootloader Unlock Tool For LG G5

On the off chance that you grabbed an opened LG G5 in the United States and have dependably longed for the handset to be bolstered by LG’s bootloader unlock tool, then you will be enchanted to discover that the South Korean multinational electronics company has at last included support for the U.S version of the LG G5 to its famous bootloader unlock tool. However, the U.S. unlocked model of the smartphone only comes for the model number RS988.

There are plenty of reasons as to why users like to buy unlocked versions of Android devices. They can utilise them with any telecommunication carrier that they would like to. In addition, it has greater adaptability when tinkering with the phone, which is something that numerous Android fans like and enjoy to do. The customisation aspect of Android devices alone sets the devices apart from the likes of Apple devices.

The users who have their LG G5 unlocked using the bootloader unlock tool will have the capacity to flash any 3rd party software they would like on their device. In addition, unlocking of the LG G5 will allow users to easily root their devices for even more customisation abilities. Although rooting the device invalidates the warranty contract provided with the device, it is still something many users enjoy having the freedom of doing. Users can even enhance, or customise their ROMs of their LG G5’s without the need of 3rd party softwares that allows them to do the same thing as the bootloader unlock tool accomplishes. Therefore, LG’s decision to feature the LG G5 (U.S) on it’s own official bootloader unlock tool is a great decision, and a win for all.

Users who want to unlock their LG G5 first needs to generate an ID code, which they will need to have to register their devices onto the tool. If the code is correct, LG will send out an email that will unlock files that can be pushed to the device over ADB to finally unlock its bootloader unlock tool to it’s full potential.