BrandResolta Review - Should You Use Them?

A new startup called BrandResolta is trending on TikTok lately in the digital marketing world. We have decided to try it out ourselves and review it. In this BrandResolta review, we’ll go through our test with their writing & publishing services. From the ordering process to the quality of the press release, we will cover the full service point by point.

We are mostly interested in getting the « as seen on » badge to our demo site. Adding this « gold standard » of social proof can do massive things for your brand. Not only does it increase your brand’s authority, but it also skyrockets your conversion rate.

Is BrandResolta worth it? Let’s dive into our review and find it out.

BrandResolta: the ordering process

The ordering process is very easy and user-friendly:

  • Choose the package that best fits your company, pay for it (100% secure checkout with Credit Card or PayPal)
  • Add every details about your business (websites, niche, etc)
  • Get your delivery within 5 to 10 days.

Upon ordering, you get sent straight to a checkout page like this: 

Once we made the payment, we shared the detailed information about our brand. After this, you just wait for the article to be written & published. Before publishing it, they sent a draft of the article for approval.

BrandResolta: content quality review

Now let’s jump into the first important part of the service – the quality of the article written by their team of, what they call, « experts ».

The article provided was approximately 400 words. This is a great amount of words and is a very good point. It leaves enough room for any reader to understand the real value of our brand.

The quality of it was very good. It could have been better, though. It highlighted a true representation of my business but it didn’t look like an insight written from a person who actually experienced our brand’s services before.

We didn’t request any revision of this draft because we were, in overall, very satisfied by it. Our main reason to use BrandResolta was rather to get the links from high-authority news sites. So we gave the draft the green light for the most exciting part of the service : the publishing on big media outlets sites.

BrandResolta: publications on news sites

Here comes the most important part of the service. BrandResolta has published the article on almost 400 news sites, including some very prestigious ones (Digital Journal, AZCentral, FOX40, Benzinga, MarketWatch, NBC, etc) . Their distribution is impressive and as promised, they  emailed an Excel file containing all 400+ live links.

Getting an « as seen on » trust badge to your website is a must-have element for any brand. Once your article has been published by BrandResolta across different news sources, you can proudly put this badge. It is a shame that they don’t provide any trust badge after the order completion. Therefore, you have to create it by your own. But some of us don’t have any designing skills to do it so it can be a bit annoying.


To conclude, BrandResolta provides a solid marketing hack. They deliver what they promise & advertise. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to bring its business to a whole new level.