Brawl Stars Skins From Power League Available Again

Heads up, Brawlers! If you missed the Power League skins that were released back in 2021, they are available again for a week in their recolored versions. Starting May 13th, seven skins will slowly make their appearance in the shop. And although they’re not exactly the same skins, these recolors are creative, witty, and unique in their own way (Byron as Gandalf, anyone?).

Top up Brawl Stars gems to get these limited-time Brawl Stars skins before they go away again. Alternatively, these skins can also be bought using Bling—just refresh your game to see if this option is now available or fixed for you.

Wanna know what each of these recolored skins is? Scroll down to see the release order and a description of what they will look like!

Piano 8-Bit

8-Bit’s recolored Power League skin is the first one to become available in the shop. Instead of the brown saloon color of the original skin (called Saloon 8-Bit), the skin now has a light blue hue. 8-Bit still has his trusty blaster weapon but now in the form of a recolored revolver. Pew-pew-pew away, 8-Bit.

Byron the White

Next to be released is Byron’s Wizard Byron Skin, now called Byron the White. The Lord of the Rings and Gandalf the White nod is spectacular, plus Byron looks absolutely cool in this white garb. Not only does he look pretty powerful and distinguished (that owl staff is cool, alright), but that nerdy reference has us nerding out. Two thumbs-up, precious.

Rui Shou Nita

After being Nian Nita during Power League, Nita is now Rui Shou Nita with this new recolor. Trivia time! Nian is a beast from Chinese mythology. Meanwhile, Rui Shou has quite a meaning! Rui means auspicious and Shou can mean kind and gentle. That’s a lot to take in, but all we know is that Nita is absolutely cute in this skin!

Filmmaker Buzz

At number four is Filmmaker Buzz, a recolor of Director Buzz. Instead of the warm tones of red, orange, and yellow of the original, Buzz now struts the cool hues of blue and purple. It’s an outfit worthy of the red carpet!

Wave Hopper Jacky

If you’re more of a pink and purple gal, you’ll enjoy Wave Hopper Jacky instead of the original Jet Ski Jacky. Even her shark vehicle companion is turned into purple! Cowabungga, Jacky.

Scarlet Paladin Surge

Okay, this Surge skin isn’t really part of the Power League skin set, but it’s too cool to not include, and more importantly, why not, right?

If it’s justice you want for your Surge, this Surge Brawl Stars skin shows his heart for justice in a fantasy way. Surge as a paladin in DnD? I can see it.

Moon-Curser Penny

And last but definitely not the least, Smuggler Penny turned into Moon-Curser Penny! Her green and purple theme is changed into the classic orange and blue combo. A fine recolor for our pirate-turned-moon-curser Brawler.

If you want any of these Brawl Stars skins, head over to the shop this week to catch them. Make sure your account is topped up with enough gems to purchase these skins. Alternatively, you can simply buy a Brawl Stars account for sale that already has these skins. U7BUY is a great place to shop for Brawl Stars accounts and you can choose from a list of trusted sellers where price, ratings, and other important info is already displayed. It sure makes skins shopping easier!