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Bungie’s Destiny shooter MMO will arrive on both the PS3 and the upcoming next generation PS4. The group revealed this information yesterday.

The first person shooter has gained a lot of excitement, despite not being a 2013 release. The group, Bungie, were in charge of creating the Halo franchise. With that comes internet excitement for their new projects, the same with Ron Gilbert’s “The Cave”, Double Fine Productions and a number of other legendary names and studios.

Bungie's Destiny

Bungie will be an “shared world shooter”, which to most PC gamers ears sounds like an MMO. While rumours are inconsistent  with some saying gamers will be thrown into random servers, the way that Journey did; others say it will be quite like Call of Duty type servers, without the time loads.

This “shared world shooter” has not been presented on consoles yet, and every time some studio has tried they haven’t pulled it off very well. Not a lot of MMO’s have had great success on consoles, but this next generation will have Bungie’s Destiny and Blizzard’s Diablo III.

Destiny has still yet to have any real footage and gamers are getting pumped over cinematic trailers and very amazing artwork. This is an Activision favourite, the publishers of Destiny. We expect to see a huge amount of money thrown at the marketing for Bungie’s Destiny.

In our view, this game and Diablo look to start a new revolution in the gaming market, MMO’s on consoles. We have never seen a really good MMO, with the most players on one server usually 16. If Bungie can offer 32, 64 or a huge amount of players on one game, it will be an awesomely new feature.

Bungie’s Destiny is set for release sometime in 2014, alongside a few other titles. Destiny will not be a PS4 launch title, as Sony has revealed they plan to have the next generation console out by Q4 2013.

[Source: CNET]