Business services in demand

Ever since you were a child and throughout your years of study, you will always be faced with questions about your career and the path you will choose to follow in life. Most trades are often the ones that are the highest-paid. They usually have a continuous requirement that is never met. Because the pandemic situation in our country has established other barriers regarding services and the need for specialists, here are the most requested services today:

1. Accountants and bookkeepers

What was already happening internationally was that the business environment was constantly growing. This growth of the business environment in all fields has increased even more in the last 3 years. Areas such as e-commerce, casino, or IT are just three of the industries that have felt that their turnover has surpassed any records. And for all these new businesses that are appearing internationally, accountants are needed. Accountants are the ones who deal with the financial statements of companies and all the actors in the business field.

Because a lot of accountants are needed internationally, accounting services are in high demand. The increase in demand for these services is 11% compared to last year. This is just the first signal that we will see more and more accountants in the labour market, and why not an increase in the salaries they receive? And when the demand for a service is high, competition also appears, and competition produces specialists.

2. Web Designers

Web design is a category of services that you will hear more and more about this year. If at the first point we were talking about the new business wave that is emerging due to the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, many of these businesses are in the IT field. And when you say “IT,” you’re talking about technology, websites, applications, and digital platforms, and all of that can only be done by web designers. They should not be confused with graphic designers, who deal strictly with the visual elements of a website. The role of a web designer is to build the technology behind a website

Most of the time, you will also meet them under the name of programmers. A programmer is a person who knows how to apply a programming language so that they can create a software program to perform a task. Web platforms are either online stores, blogs, or applications that have a very well-defined purpose. The Web designer must organize the structure of a site and make it work.

3. Graphic Designer

And since a website can’t just work with code that no one else understands, it needs to be applied to a design. If you want to buy a product, you will have to navigate through the product pages, press buttons of all colours, and interact with certain elements that attract you and make you buy it. All these elements are created by a graphic designer. Its role is to build web pages visually, to build promotional images, banners, and all sorts of visual digital elements.

A graphic designer is also the one who creates the images that are used in the posts on social networks. If a company that sells products wants to promote their products creatively, it can turn to a graphic designer to create unique images that attract attention.

4. Business consultants

Business consulting comes bundled with the big wave of new business we are now seeing internationally. Obviously, each of us wants a business, but we are not all good at it, and we may make mistakes or not always make the best decisions. That’s why there are business consulting services. These services are provided by business experts who know exactly how this environment works and can guide you to make better decisions for your business.

5. Digital marketer

You will notice that most of the services that are now at a very high level of demand are the ones that appear even when the number of new businesses on the market increases. Thus, it is normal that where there are many competitors, a better advertisement will bring you more customers. The services offered by a digital marketer are the ones that will increase your visibility in the market in which you operate, so you will need a specialist. If you try to advertise yourself, you will see how successful you are or you may make mistakes that you will not be able to fix.

And when it comes to the platforms you can use for promotion, they have algorithms so complicated that you risk losing your promotion budget just because you failed to properly optimize a campaign running on Facebook, Google, TikTok, or other social networks/platforms.

6. Business plan writers

You are probably one of those people who are thinking about starting a business more and more often. The more potential customers appear in the online environment, the more potential your business could have and the more you will need a better-structured business plan. A business plan writer is nothing more than a person who can effectively build a business plan for you to follow throughout your business. A business plan includes more than the price of a product.

The business plan involves strategy, milestones, multi-year business development, profit predictions, and other elements that a start-up entrepreneur would not think of when setting up his or her first business.


These are services that have grown in popularity and have become increasingly in demand internationally. People are working more and more from home. They want to be independent and they automatically resort to the solution of opening a business. If multiple businesses appear, requests for the services listed above also appear.