With apps and services alike requiring users to sign-up using their mobile number, sometimes the process could get clumsy – the user’s phone may be out of mobile network, the SIM card could be not working or the user just doesn’t rely on a network providers but only on WiFi at home; in these cases, registering for the service turns out to be impossible.

  1. Receive SMS

To solve these issues, companies have begun providing users access to mobile numbers which they can use to register themselves on the service of their choice. Receive SMS is one of the trusted service by many users, it provides a list of numbers depending on the choice of your country and then after sending the OTP through the service, Receive SMS will fetch the OTP for you.

The service is completely free and also, the company doesn’t falsify on its promise: the service uses actual numbers unlike other services which use virtual numbers which occasionally don’t work. After registering with the chosen number on a service, the service promises to fetch the SMS within 1 or at max 2 minutes. Also, the service states that, none of its numbers are blocked and they will always be readily available without any hiccups.

  1. Hushed

Hushed is another similar service but it promises end-to-end encrypted messaging, access to unlimited quick-to-use phone numbers and free SMS service. The service also has offers apps for Android and iOS for a pleasant mobile experience.

  1. Twilio

Twilio is the leading online service for SMS, Voice, and Video alike. However, its built with developers in mind, meaning the site offers an API which will have to be worked upon to get the service up and running according to your needs.

  1. Spoof Box

SpoofBox calls their numbers as “free trash cell phone numbers” and its definitely fitting. The service offers users a huge list of numbers to choose from and then displays all the received messages in a box.

  1. Free Online Phone

The service works with over 200 different types of numbers of various countries. Just like the other services listed above, Free Online Phone works in a similar fashion by providing a list of numbers for users to choose from. However, the service also offers a “Call on PC” feature which is an extra addition.