One of the standard features on the iPhone that hasn’t yet made the transition to the iPad is Apple’s native calculator app. This has opened up space for a variety of developers to create some super sized calculators for extra large (visually and numerically) addition and multiplication. Calculator X goes much further than just your simple 2+2 issues and adds a whole host of features you should check out when on the lookout for an iPad calculator app.


Calculator X has all your basic calculator functions covered in an easy to use interface much like Apple’s native iPhone calculator. But this iPad calculator can do so much more than that. One of the standout features is its unit conversion abilities. This app has you covered if you need to convert miles to kilometres or pounds to kilos. Calculator X even coveres more unique units of measurement such as radiation, frequency, force and power amongst many many others.


In addition to the amazing array of calculator related features on offer in Calculator X it features a host of in-app purchases. For a small price you can remove all of those pesky advertisements to get a much cleaner look and then purchase themes to completely change the look and feel of the iPad calculator. There are 4 packs of 3 themes available for purchase within the app to spice up the look of the calculator from very clean and modern looks to colorful ones just for the kids.

Overall this is an excellent iPad calculator. Calculator X functions just as well as it looks and is a more than adequate substitution for the non-existent Apple iPad calculator app.