Price: $9.99    Score 8.5/10  Genre: Games

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies [iTunes Link] is a first-person shooter in the spirit of the traditional Call of Duty console game. Players use a variety of World War II era weapons to fight off zombie Nazis who are attacking them. At the beginning of the game the zombies travel in small groups, but toward the end the groups get quite large, making it difficult to beat them.

I feel like I should kick this review off by saying I think first person shooter games should never be played on a screen as small as the iPhone. Your fingers have to be on the screen in order to control your player, which covers up a 1/10 of the screen and potential game board. For me, its hard to get into the world of the game when I’m looking at my fingers and struggling to some extent to see whats going on in front of me. In my old age I’ve also gotten to a point where doing so makes me feel like I’m going to lose my lunch fairly quickly. I’d prefer to play the game on the iPads larger screen over an iPhone any day.

All that said, Call of Duty World at War is an amazing game. The graphics are what you would expect to see on a gaming system such as your Playstation or Xbox. The game was in fact originally an added unlockable level on the console version of Call of Duty.  As the game progresses and you gain more money you can purchase additional weapons, and bust through barricades enlarging your game area.So the more you play, the better the game essentially gets.

Another great component of the game is its Co-Op option, which allows you to play the game with up to 3 other players from around the world.

Traditional call of Duty fans won’t be disappointed with this one.