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The CameraAce Android App offers a variety of elegant and professional photo capturing options. Images can be snapped, edited, decorated and shared all within the application itself, making it the one-stop-shop for all your creative imaging needs.

CameraAce enables users to take photographs using pre-set camera effects and filters, and also allows existing images to be modified, annotated, grouped and shared in a way which embellishes the photographs.

Images are stored in a beautifully presented album, and can be viewed via CameraAce’s built-in slide show, which brings each image to life. The slide shows themselves can be customized and tinkered with for optimum viewing pleasure.


Picture-Perfect Themes & Collages

As soon as your start up the app, CameraAce allows you to jump straight into the photo editing action. After snapping a picture, the app allows you to add filters and special effects, as well as a frame, which can be selected from a variety of options.

All images are stored within CameraAce, and can therefore be quickly viewed, grouped and even collaged together in a way which beautifies the images even further. Annotations and scribbles can also be added to the images both by hand, and with the Samsung S-Pen.

CameraAce lets users customize different types of cameras, each pre-set its own features and effects. For example, one camera may be set up for Family photos, with a “Glow Filter” effect set at default, whilst a separate camera may be set up specifically for antiques, and can therefore be pre-defined to feature a “Black & White” filter.


CameraAce Design and Interface

CameraAce is an extremely well designed app, boasting some highly polished menus and a professionally finished user interface, which welcomes the user in a way which promises high quality.

Generally, the app itself has an elegant feel, with each of the different buttons and camera options delicately laid out across the screen. Menus are easy to follow, and the additional photo filters, frames and effects are simply a joy to use.

Viewing images is simple enough, whilst the customizable slide show options helps round off a brilliantly built image capturing and editing application.

Final Remarks

To conclude, CameraAce offers an array of fun, yet effective filters, effects and options to bring even the most simple images to life. It is easily capable of replacing the standard Android photo application, offering some truly unique features to boot.

The app is extremely easy to use, which only adds to its already enticing appeal. The elegant user interface, paired with the robust features, make it an excellent all-round app which is certainly worth trying out – especially for those with a passion for photography.

Download CameraAce from Google Play free of charge on Android devices running Android 4.0 and up.

  1. Great app! Truly a fundamental component in
    the android devices for those with a keen interest in photography. By adding
    different effects to the pictures, it gives a more Creative Media look to your
    pictures in an effortless way. Well done developers!

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