Can I sue if the accident is partially my fault in Florida?

Car accidents are a common reason for a huge number of hospitalizations every year, and every patient plans to receive compensation for the same, which the driver may or may not get in certain cases. Many times, questions are asked by the people in Tampa car accident lawyer, “can I sue if the accident is partially my fault is Florida?” The answer is “yes” because every country has different legal procedures and rules for car accidents, and in Florida, one can choose to file the case even if the person is partially at-fault in the accident. Let’s learn certain things below how you will be helped if you are partially at-fault. 

How can the situation provide you with compensation for a car accident?

A Tampa car accident lawyer can assist with how to get the compensation even if you are partially at fault. The percentage of your fault is calculated, and then you are liable to pay the amount for the fault. To understand this completely, take an example of the accident where your mistake was 30%, then you would be getting the compensation of 70%, and the other party will get the 30% of the compensation. In this way, both parties take responsibility for the accident and pay for it. That compensation will be deducted anywhere from your PIP (Personal Injury Protection insurance), private insurance, your employer may pay for it. 

Who determines the fault in car accidents in Florida?

There are different causes, and when the minor injuries happen to both the drivers, then the medical charges are recovered from the PIP; otherwise, if the injuries are major, then the case falls under the state’s comparative negligence statutes. Mostly the matter is first analyzed by the police officials, and then the compensation is decided by them, but it doesn’t work, and damages are major, then the insurance companies can sit for the meeting and discussion over the amount recovered. If the companies do not sit for the negotiation, then the matter must be taken to court for the debate. The judge decides the amount to be paid by both parties for the accident. 

How can the lawyer help you in a car accident?

The car accident lawyer can help you collect the proof that supports you because the other party may increase compensation in such a scenario. A car accident lawyer can help you collect proofs by collecting accident footage, photographs of the scene, or he may create a professional accident again to defend you. You can also blame the other driver’s non-negotiable behavior for not following the road regulations that caused the accident and ask for compensation. 

How can the sufferer get in touch with the lawyer?

There are many car accident lawyers in Florida working under the same kind of cases, and they can help you with their best skills to get you out of this case. Get in touch with the best lawyer so you can prove your side and get the legit amount of compensation from the other driver.