Can Marijuana Make Me A Better Gamer?

For many, playing video games while smoking cannabis is like pairing Batman and Robin or having red wine with steak. To them, certain things go together, and they see marijuana and gaming as a perfect fit for that particular category. It enhances the fun, relaxes you, and heightens your senses, so you get far more into a game than you should, but where’s the harm in that? Marijuana use can arguably improve your skills, so join us below as we examine how the classic combination of gaming and cannabis can unite in harmony as you excel through the levels while being as high as a kite.

How Smoking Cannabis Can Make You a Better Gamer

Marijuana can improve your performance for various reasons; this will be evident in your results if you have ever experienced it. There is no doubt that using marijuana can make you a better gamer as it feels effortless and much more natural under the herb’s influence. We are not the only ones to think so either; it is universally recognized that marijuana use enhances your gameplay. Drug-testing has been introduced at the professional gaming level to ‘weed’ out any offenders. The ESL (Electronic Sports League) reacted to the professional gaming world, declaring cannabis as a performance-enhancing drug by making drug-tests a mandatory procedure for every player entering their tournaments. That is as legitimate as it comes, drug-testing for performance-enhanced video-gaming!

How Does This Wonderful Relationship Work?

It shouldn’t work, but it does! It is unfathomable that something that can mess with your head so much can positively influence an aspect where concentration, timing, and skill is required. It seems inconceivable, but if you dig around on the internet long enough, not only will you learn more about getting a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card but also get further insight into the detail behind the weird yet wonderful connection between high-level gaming and using marijuana. There are several factors for us to delve into;

  • THC improves In-game performance by boosting focus and memory retention. This is a direct contrast to the popular belief that cannabis has adverse effects on both cognition and your memory.
  • Multiple gaming sites are filled with bloggers emphasizing that their concentration levels are solely down to the cannabis they use and cannot perform to that level of gaming without it.
  • This can be attributed to the muscle-relaxant vibes generated while using marijuana. How often do you see elite sportspeople remaining cool and calm under pressure? Granted, it is slightly different circumstances, but the theory is similar in terms of a boost in performance levels when composed and level-headed.
  • Gaming under the influence of marijuana is less tense, which frees your mind of stresses and distractions. This can dramatically increase your engagement in the game and provide an unmatched level of focus that is entirely unachievable without the heightened senses pot creates.