Can you Learn how to Cut Your Own Hair By Yourself

Yes, yes, and absolutely! Cutting your own hair is a great skill to learn, and not just for those people who might still be in lockdowns around the world!

By learning to cut your own hair, you save money, you learn a new skill, and you have more freedom to do exactly what you want to do when you get your hair cut. No more worrying about if the barber knows what you mean!

Now, it may not be the easiest thing to do at first, but its not that hard to learn! And, when you finally start to get better at it, you’ll both look and feel like you just won big at a Jackpot Casino!

Now, before I explain how exactly you should go about cutting your hair, you might have some worries about this. I mena, after all, your hair won’t grown back for you if you make a mistake.

This is another reason why I think learning to cut your hair is a good thing. It could help you build more confidence with how you look. Even if you make mistakes in your hair, it really isnt a big deal.

However, we can still hope that it doesnt come to that, and we can all have positive hair cutting experiences, rather than a negative one. Most people probably wouldn’t be able to see the positives for confidence in a bad haircut, so I will try to help you avoid that.

What Do You Need?

There are a few things that you are going to need before you can get started cutting your hair. You may have some of these things, you may not. In total, it’s not going to cost you more than a couple of haircuts would.

So, if you keep doing it yourtself, it will eventually pay for itself. Then, you can spend all that extra money you saved on Flaming Hot Cheetos, or Mountain Dew, or whatever else you would want…

But anyways, there are afew things you are going to need to get started.

First of all, you need a pair of scissors. Specificallly, you need a pair of haricutting scissors. You don’t want to make the mistake of grabbing a pair of scissors from your school supply drawer and trying to cut your hair with those.

Or, heaven forbid, a pair of childrens safety scissors. Believe me, that would not end well for you… Or, at least, it would not end well for your hair.

Now, why do you need scissors? Seems like an obvious question, but still worth asking. Scissors allow you to presicely cut large or small portions of hair. Think about it like the haircutters chisel.

Just like a sculptor uses a chisel to chip away at a block of marble to make a beautiful pattern, your scissors will be used to snip away at your hair to make a beautiful style. They allow you to mold your hair more presicely.

The next 2 things you are going to need sort of come together as a pair. They are, of course, a brush and a comb. The brush and comb are going to allow you to straighten, move, and shape your hair into the style that you want it.

The brush should be one of those detangleing brushes. This will help you get knots out of your hair and straighten it better to be cut. The comb will then be use to more precisely straighten and move your hair.

For instance, you can use the comb to make a more straight part in your hair than you would be able to make with a brush. You can also use the comb as a guard to hold your hair when you are cutting.

Next, you are going to need a mirror. Or, actually, 2 mirrors. However, one of them can be bathroom mirror, so all you really need to buy is a small handheld mirror. These will be used to allow you to see the back of your head to cut the hair there.

Finally, an electric hair trimmer would be useful to have, but you could also use an adjustable beard trimmer depending on how short you want parts of your hair to be.  I prefer the side to be rather short, so keep that in mind when I’m explaining things.

Cutting Your Hair

Now, if you look on YouTube, you are going to find many different people explaining many different ways to cut your hair. Most of these people are going to either be professional barbers and such.

I am not a professional barber. Probably should have mentioned that earlier, but I do cut my own hair to a satisfactory result. And, as I have given myself more and more haircuts, I have been rather satisfied with the outcome.

Now, the first thing I would recommend doing is looking up a tutorial on the internet for how to do the specific hairstyle you want. That will be the easiest. However, if you want a basic cut that looks timeless, but is simple to do, I got your covered.

How I cut my hair is having it longer on the top, yet shorter on the sides. This allows for a dynamic cut that seems difficult to do, but is actually rather simple. All it takes is a little patience and the tools I mentioned previously.

The first step is to stand in front of your bathroom mirror. Then, you are going to get deal with the sides first. So, take your electric trimmer and get it ready.

What you essentially are going to want to do, is take the longest guard you have, and trim off the sides of your hair all away around. You shuold trim until about when your head starts to curve and become the top of your head.

You are then going to put on a step down shorter guard and cut have of that length from the bottom. So as to reach only half way to the top of your head this time.

Then you will go down like that doing half the section you just did with each guard. The trick to getting a clean fade is to slightly overlap sections, but pull out as you reach the border

Meaning, you should always be cutting with the clippers UP into the longer section and then pull out and away from your head.

You are just going to do this until you have a satisfactory fade along the sides of your head. It doesn’t have to be perfect remember. It just has to look nice.

Next, you are going to take your scissors. Comb and brush the top of your hair until you have it parted how you like.

Next, you will simply gently trim the hairs from the top of your head that overlap onto the sides of your head until you have a satisfactory look. The idea is to trim the sides so as to not have a “mushroom hat” look.

The trick with this is to go slowly, and treat it like you are cutting away clay. Don’t cut your hairs perpendicular, or you will most likely cut away too much. Hold the scissors parallel to your hairs, and cut away at them that way.

You will slowly whittle your hair down, until it lays nicely against your head, and you don’t look like toad from Mario.

And that’s it! That’s a simple and easy way to cut your hair by yourself. The only thing I didn’t mention is that back which you just do the same thing but use the little mirror and your bathroom mirror.

Although, you should look in the little mirror, and face away from the bathroom mirror. It will be easier to see that way.

But, either way, the more you try the easier it will get. Just keep practicing and youll eventuallly be able to do more hairstyles, or more things that are dynamic.

One final note is that I never mentioned to wet your hair. I personally do not wet my hair to cut it. I find it easier if I see my hair as it is going to look day to day (as in not wet and flat against my head).

However, cutting your hair wet is also a valid option, it’s just a bit more complicated in my opinion, and harder to learn.